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USB Mouse
Model: CP-M191

The new Compoint CP-M191 is a low cost but good quality optical mouse, ideal for almost any surface. High resolution optical tracking is ideal for both gaming as well as general business applications, for Windows, Mac, Linux and a whole lot more besides including the Raspberry PI. Integral, generous length USB cable comes as standard, as well as both left and right-hand usage, the sculptured mouse design helps reduce common hand ailments if used for an extended period of time.
3-button control and central scroll-wheel means you have full control of your computers’ applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, browsers and of course your favourite games and leisure applications.

USB connected Optical Mouse with generous cable length 
Plug n’ play - Operating System independent operation 
Up to 1000 dpi optical tracking - ideal for most surfaces 
Superior comfort design - left or right handed operation 
3-Button and accurate central scroll wheel 
Ideal for Windows, Mac, Android and more 
Ideal for computer projects inc. Raspberry PI systems 
Quality retail packaging

Qty in Carton: 100pcs
Size of carton: 44.7*44.2*27cm(Osa), 47*43*27cm(Jor)
Weight of carton: 11.8kg(Osa), 9.5kg(Jor)
Barcode: 8400800025241


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